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What is Discrimination?

Discrimination occurs when an individual is harassed or treated in a manner unbefitting his or her position simply ... Read More

Sex Orientation Discrimination

Sexual orientation discrimination occurs when someone who belongs to a different sexual orientation is treated unfairly ... Read More

Retaliation Discrimination

Retaliation discrimination occurs in workplace environments and are typically on the part of an employer or work ... Read More

Prima Facie & Age Discrimination

Simply because someone is old or older does not mean that he or she is inept or deserving of discrimination. But this is ... Read More

Housing Discrimination

Housing discrimination occur when people are unfairly treated, or presented a bias against, when attempting to purchase ... Read More

Filing a Discrimination Claim

Any individual who has been subjected to discriminatory behaviors due to race, sexual orientation, gender, or any other ... Read More

Employee Wage Discrimination

Employee wage discrimination is a form of workplace discrimination that occurs when an individual is either paid a ... Read More

National Origin Discrimination

National origin discrimination occurs when an individual is a victim of unfair and unfavorable behaviors against him/her ... Read More

Discrimination in the Workplace

Sadly, even in this day and age, discrimination in the workplace is quite common and often results in civil and criminal ... Read More

Discrimination Based on Race

Approximately 36% of all discrimination charges allege racially motivated behaviors and practices when occurring in ... Read More

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News Updates

Really Florida - Here We Go
Jun 26/2015 - According to Fox News once again we have some kind of scam going to prevent people from voting.
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New Early Voting Reduction
Jun 26/2015 - According to Reuters, a six hour dispute occurred that involved the Justice Department and Florida.
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Differing Terms on Disability
Jun 26/2015 - According to Business Management Daily, in the state of Ohio, it is illegal for employers to judge an employee based on their disability.
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